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What Immigration Forms Specialists Can Do:

  • Gather all facts objectively, with due diligence, and without personal opinion while noting any and all red flags prior to providing any assistance whatsoever.

  • Ensure the individual is fully informed and clearly understands everything signed and all services to be provided.

  • Explain, clarify, translate, and interpret immigration instructions, forms, or specific form questions to the individual.

  • Translate, clarify, and transcribe the individual’s answers on immigration forms and paperwork with the highest level of accuracy.

  • Help obtain supporting documents.

  • Provide English language translations for foreign language documents with the highest level of accuracy.

  • Submit completed immigration forms and submission packages to the U.S. government with the individual’s consent.

  • Provide a written contract and dated receipts for all payments received.

  • Maintain a confidential file copy including the contract, receipts, and all documents submitted to the U.S. government - originals should be returned to the individual.

  • Maintain confidentiality regarding all information and documentation received.

  • Immediately refer individuals to an attorney or AR when any red flag is noted.

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